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Mecabag System big bag emptying stations – often known as FIBC discharging units or bulk bag unloading stations – are designed for optimal performance, safety, precision, and cost-effectiveness in the unloading and processing of your powders and dry bulk materials..

Leveraging our extensive expertise in bulk handling, Mecabag System offers different emptying stations specifically designed for the efficient, hygienic and safe unloading of your bigbags containing powders, granules, and other bulk materials. Our designs are meticulously crafted to ensure optimal bigbag emptying and seamless integration into new or existing installations. Key features of our solutions include durability, reliability, ergonomic design, and safety..

Diverse discharging configurations

Depending on your needs, the operating environment, the bigbag type and size and the specific characteristics of the material to be unloaded—whether prone to bulging or caking—we offer different options, such as: epoxy paint or full stainless steel construction, ATEX compliance, de-weighing, traceability, devices to enhance product extraction, dust control, connection to buffer storage or transfer system, etc.

Your partner for bulk bag deconditioning

With decades of expertise in bigbag filling and emptying, Mecabag System has developed a comprehensive range of modular and flexible dischargers, spanning standard models to sophisticated unloading systems, to maximize operational efficiency while guaranteeing safety and ergonomics for your teams.

Frame with forks or hoist

Tailored to your requirements and specific applications, our emptying station frame can either be equipped with self-lifting forks for thorough bigbag emptying or with a monorail fitted with a hoist and spreader bar. In the forked configuration, bigbags are positioned using a stacker or forklift. The adjustable nature of the forks allows compatibility with multiple bigbag sizes.

Big bag emptying aids

For all materials—ranging from flour and sugar to carbon black and plastic granules—our vast experience positions us to recommend the most efficient and safe unloading equipment:

  • Vibrating hopper: ideal for low-density or arching materials,
  • Side agitation system: for bigbags with medium-flow products,
  • Pneumatic massaging hopper: for bigbags with materials that tend to bridge or cake,
  • Side bigbag compression system with articulated jacks: for bulk materials with challenging flow properties.

Additional customizations of the dischargers

To provide our customers with a global solution, Mecabag System offers a suite of additional options to refine your FIBC discharging unit as per your specific demands:

  • Loss in weight system for precise unloading control,
  • Bigbag outlet closure system for partial deconditioning of the bigbag,
  • Sealed connections to the downstream process,
  • Low product level alert system.