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Dedicated discharge and filling stations for bigbags

You handle powdery products, with difficult flow movement, sometimes compact or greasy and potentially toxic. You therefore need quality equipment which is capable of adapting to any given situation.

Industrial products, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Paint, Paper ware, Automobile

The risk analysis, the implementation constraints, the ATEX zoning, the traceability or even the evolution of the material in time are all factors we take into account in the study and the development of your project.
The professionals who intervene all have the necessary accreditations as well as vast experience of operations on industrial sites.

We have developed a large range of robust material, modular and evolving for installing and removing of FIBCs.
Our factory includes a testing facility that allows us to check the efficiency of our systems designed to help the flow of your product under real operating conditions.
For specific applications, a special coating can be applied on different materials: treated steel coated with oven-baked epoxy paint, stainless steel coated with a fluorescent component containing anti-adherence properties and charge resistant.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in bigbags, our machines have been designed to adapt to all models of bags available on the market. All different types of canvas, construction modes, internal bags, fastenings, filling and discharging spout sizes ... all of this is our daily routine.

We offer you our expertise and experience in many lines of business.

Among some of the products we have already handled in bigbags:
Abrasives - Activated charcoal - Additives - Adipic acid, citric acid, isophtalic, salicylic, trichlorocyanuric - Alginate - Alumina - Aluminium oxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, lead oxide, titanium oxide, tungsten oxide, zinc oxide - Aluminosilicate - Ammonium Sulphate - Ant repellent - Antimony Trioxide (Sb203) - Barium nitrate - Bentonite -
Berite - Bicarbonate - Calcium carbonate - Calcium chloride, nickel anhydrous, sodium - Carbon black - Carbon black pellets - Catalyst - Cellulose - Cement -
Chalk - Charcoal pellets - Chlorine - Clay - Cotton seed - Dessicant powder -
Detergent - Diacetate cellulose - Diatomaceous earth - Dietary phosphate - Dipentaerythritol - Elastomer - Enzymes - Feldspar - Ferro silicium - Ferro-alloys -
Fertilizer - Fiber glass - Fixative - Glass dust - Glass microbeads - Glue - Graphite -
Hemp - Hydroquinone - Industrial detergent - Irganox Pellets - Latex - Magnesia -
Nitrate pellets – PE, PEHD, PET, PP, PVC Pellets and powder - Perlite - Pigments -
Plaster - PMPA - Polymers - Potash - Potassium fluoride - Quicklime - Resin - Rubber -
Rutile - Salt tablets - Salts - Sand - Sawdust - SBS - Semen - Silica - Silica fume -
Silica gel - Silicates - Siliporite beads - Slug repellent - Soda - Sodium citrate -
Solder flux - Starch - Steel beads - Sulphur - Talcum - Titanium dioxide - Trimethylpropane - Urea - Various chemical products - Wax beads - Weed killer …

More than 30 blue-chip companies have placed their trust in us...

Dedicated discharge and filling stations

For Industrial products, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Paint, Paper ware, Automobile

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