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Dedicated discharge and filling stations for bigbags

You handle heavy products, abrasive and with variable grain size in harsh environments. You therefore need robust material, capable of functioning at high levels of flow rate.

Mineral products, Foundry, Public works, Ceramics, Glass

To meet the issues that you are faced with on a daily basis, our FIBC machinery has been developed for automatic and versatile use.
Automatic distribution of pallets, air tight loading for dusty products, safety of the work station, automatic configuration to the size of the bigbag, run-of-river densification and weighing up to 2000 kg, network connection, traceability and automatic ticket printing for each bigbag...

Easily moved by forklift truck, the equipment can be designed for use in different areas of your factory.
Your equipment is measured for use within legal metrology, weighing equipment is IPFNA accredited and bears the green regulation label.
For intensive use, we can suggest specific materials for better mechanical resistance.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in bigbags, our machines have been designed to adapt to all models of bags available on the market. All different types of canvas, construction modes, internal bags, fastenings, filling and discharging spout sizes ... all of this is our daily routine.

We offer you our expertise and experience in many lines of business.

Among some of the products we have already handled in bigbags:
Abrasives - Activated charcoal - Additives - Aggregates - Alsing - Alumina - Aluminium oxide - Aluminium powder - Aluminosilicate - Anhydrous nickel chloride -
Anthracite - Antimony oxide - Antimony trioxide (Sb203) - Ashes - Auxiliary agglomerate - Barium - Barium sulphate - Bentonite - Berite - Bicarbonate - Boric acid - Calcium carbonate - Calcium chloride - Calcium nitrate - Catalyser - Cellulose - Cement - Cement admixture - Chalk - Charcoal pellets - Chlorine - Chromite -
Clay - Compost - Corundum - Diatomaceous earth - Dolomite - EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate - FE filler - Fibre glass - Filler P - Filtration sand - Gibsonate - Glass - Gravel -
Gypsonate - Iron powder - Kaolin - Lead acetate - Lime - Magnesium - Milk products - Mineral filler - Minerals - Molochite - Paint powder - Pigments - Plasma - Plaster -
Polycarbonate pellets - Polymer - Potassium fluoride (KF) - Powder resin - Quicklime -
Red lead - Residual waste - Residue of waste incineration - Rutile - Salts -
Sand - Sand earth mix - Silica fume - Silicate - Silicium - Silicium calcium - Siliporite -
Spodumene - Stoneware - Sulphur - Tin oxide - Slate chippings - Urea - Wax beads - Dried mud - Zircon ...

More than 30 blue-chip companies have placed their trust in us...

Dedicated discharge and filling stations

For Mineral products, Foundry, Public works, Ceramics, Glass

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