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Dedicated discharge and filling stations for bigbags

Your line of business is demanding. In order to guarantee efficient production with optimal hygienic and safety conditions, we direct our work every day to the development and certification of the dedicated equipment.

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Health, Hygiene, Fine chemicals

In reply to the challenges you are confronted with on a daily basis, our discharge stations for FIBCs have been developed for use in clean rooms; all of the equipment is easily accessible, dismountable and cleanable.

We adapt to your needs and we can offer various grades, treatments and finishing of stainless steel (stripping, passivating, bead-blasting, polishing, electro polishing...).
Accreditation of material in contact with products, accredited weighing and metrology, network connection, compliance with ATEX norms in line with best practice and regulations.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in bigbags, our machines have been designed to adapt to all models of bags available on the market. All different types of canvas, construction modes, internal bags, fastenings, filling and discharging spout sizes... all of this is our daily routine.

We offer you our expertise and experience in many lines of business.

Among some of the products we have already handled in bigbags:
Activated carbon - Alginate - Alumina - Bentonite - Bicarbonate - Calcium carbonate
Calcium chloride - Carboxymethyl cellulose - Carrageenans - Charcoal pellets - Chlorine - Citric acid - Clay - Detergent - Dicarboxylic acid - Elastomer granules -
Enzymes - EVA granules - Ferrous sulfate - Fructose - Glucose - Gum base granules -
Hydroquinone - Iodine - Iron oxide - Lead acetate - Lead oxide - Liquorice -
Magnesium - Magnesium sulfate - Maltodextrin - Medicinal plants - Melamine -
Metformin - Methionine - Paracetamol - PE, PEHD, PET, PP, PVC powder and granules - Potash - Resin - Salicylic acid - Salts - Shea nut - Shredded yew - Silica - Sodium - Sodium benzoate - Sodium carbonate - Sodium citrate - Sodium oleate - Sodium - sulfate - Starch - Sucram - Sugar - Talcum - Trichlorocyanuric acid - Urea -
Various active substances - Veterinary pharmaceutical products - Zinc gluconate
Zinc oxide…

More than 30 blue-chip companies have placed their trust in us...

Dedicated discharge and filling stations

For Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Health, Hygiene, Fine chemicals

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